New Projector

I recently was given a new projector for my birthday, kindly funded by my wife and my daughter.  My old projector was 10 years old and only worked reasonably in a dark room.  My new one, an Epson EB-S41, has a brilliantly sharp picture, even in ambient light, and is lighter and more advanced than my old one.  I have tested it to get used to how it works, but not yet used it for a talk.

I thought of giving my old projector to my grandson’s school, but they informed me, in a very kindly way, that all of their classrooms had interactive whiteboards, so they did not need it!!!  I am obviously behind the times on the latest educational developments.

I therefore donated my old one to our outstanding local village charity, which runs many events.  For larger events they use our village hall, which has a really large drop down screen and a projector, but they sometimes run smaller events in other venues so they thought it would be useful.  They have a new Chief Executive and she promptly took the opportunity to book me in for a talk later this year.  They heard my Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal talk back in 2012, so this time I will be giving them my talk “The Story of a Medal”.

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