Talk to Rotherfield St Martin

On 14th October 2019 I gave my talk “The Story of of a Medal” to the outstanding village charity Rotherfield St Martin. The talk covers my father’s Merchant Navy service, including Gibraltar Convoys, Atlantic Convoys, Russian Convoys and D-Day landings during World War II.

In 2013 the Government belatedly issued the Arctic Star Medal for those who had served on the Russian Convoys, 68 years after the last convoy took place. My father had died in 1985, but the Government allowed families to claim medals, and since I had his other medals, I decided to claim this. The latter part of my talk therefore covers how I went about researching his Merchant Navy service at the National Archives and other sources, leading to my successfully claiming his medal.

This talk was given to raise funds for The Mission to Seamen, which both my parents supported.


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