New talk – The Battle of Barrosa


I have created a new talk on the Battle of Barrosa which took place on 5th March 1811.  Details of this can be seen here.

While Wellington’s Army was driving the French out of Portugal, an Anglo-Spanish Army fought a battle against the French at Barrosa.

Although the majority of allied force was Spanish, these played no part in the battle which was entirely between General Graham’s British Division and two French Divisions. Despite being outnumbered 2:1 the British won and even managed to capture a French Eagle, the first of the Peninsular War.

This talk covers the events leading up to the battle and the detail of the battle itself. It neatly fills in the period between Rod’s other talks on “The Lines of Torres Vedras” and “The Battles of Fuentes de Oñoro and Albuera”.

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