Another Talk to Rotherfield St Martin

On 29th November 2021, I gave another talk to the outstanding village charity Rotherfield St Martin. This time the talk was “Getting my Knees Brown” about my time in Aden and up-country from that in 1964/65 as a 21 year old 2nd Lieutenant.

Rotherfield St Martin have now heard all of my “modern” talks, but have said they might be interested in some of my historical ones.

I have now been booked for three talks in 2022:

Bexhill Hanoverian Study Group on 19th April (The Combat of the Coâ – 1810)

Probus Eastbourne on 3rd May (The Story of a Medal)

Probus Ashdown on 4th July (Getting my Knees Brown)

I have two more talks which were postponed from 2020 but dates have not yet been confirmed for 2022.


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