Talks Background

My name is Rod MacArthur and you can read more about me here.  I have been giving Military History talks since about 2006.  I normally create at least one new talk per year, so I now have a portfolio of 19 talks, details of which can be seen by clicking on these links of 18th Century Talks, Napoleonic Talks and Modern Talks, or by the Top Menu dropdowns of the same names. If you then click on each talk a brief description comes up.

Some talks have only been given a few times, one (on Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal) has been given 25 times.  Most of these talks have been to Probus (Professional & Business) Clubs, Historical Associations and Military Associations (such as the Royal British Legion) in South East England.  Some have been given in Spain and Portugal, since we have a second home in Spain and I have given talks to groups during visits to Peninsular War battlefields.

Between 2006 and 2019, I gave nearly 60 talks.    I was due to give five more in 2020, but the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has temporarily postponed these.  The talks are all PowerPoint presentations and I have my own laptop, projector and screen, although some venues have built in projectors and screens, which is obviously more convenient.

I give all my talks to raise funds for appropriate charities.  If I need to travel any distance I would request modest travelling expenses.

If you are interested in any of my talks please contact me here.

The posts below are in reverse chronological order (ie newest first) and show recent talks given, new talks produced and other items of interest.