Getting my Knees Brown

Rod MacArthur has a talk about his time in 1964/65 as a 21 year old 2nd Lieutenant posted to Aden, in what is now Yemen.  He was in an Army unit, under RAF command, initially 200 miles from Aden itself up-country in Beihan on the edge of the “Empty Quarter” (the sand sea which stretches 1,000 miles across Saudi Arabia), then later back in Aden as the security situation deteriorated and finally a trip (at the time Top Secret) on a reconnaissance to Abd al Kuri island off the tip of Somalia, courtesy of the Royal Navy. Abd al Kuri is a place where very few people have ever been.

This is a 40 minute illustrated talk, followed by time for questions.

Rod gives this talk to raise funds for the Aden Veterans Association.  Rod is President of the South East Branch of that Association.