The Battle of Toulouse – 1814

Following his victory over the French at the Battle of Vittoria in 1813, Wellington beat the French in a series of battles known as the Battle of the Pyrenees.   He then successfully besieged San Sebastian so there were no more French in Spain.  Wellington now invaded France where he fought a number of small battles, culminating in his victory at the Battle of Toulouse on 10th April 1814.

Immediately after Wellington’s victory, news arrived that Napoleon had abdicated a few days earlier.   Meanwhile the French garrison in Bayonne, despite hearing of the abdication, refused to believe it and fought one last battle there, before they were finally defeated.

Rod MacArthur has a talk which covers this campaign.  It lasts about 45 minutes.

All Rod’s talks are given to raise funds for charities, in this case for Combat Stress, which provides support and treatment to military veterans with mental health problems to help them tackle the past and take on the future.