The Combat of the Coâ – 1810

Immediately after the Battle of Talavera in 1809, a Brigade of British Light Infantry joined Wellington’s Army.   Wellington expanded this to become the famous Light Division, commanded by General Craufurd, and gave them the task of being his advance guard on the Agueda and Coâ rivers on the border between Spain and Portugal.

This talk covers this defence of the border, culminating in the Combat of the Coâ (called a Combat because it was smaller than a full scale Battle).   It neatly fills in the period between Rod’s other talks on “Oporto and Talavera” through to “The Lines of Torres Vedras”.

The talk is 40 minutes long.  All Rod’s talks are given to raise funds for charities, in this case for Combat Stress, which provides support and treatment to military veterans with mental health problems to help them tackle the past and take on the future.