The Story of a Medal

This talk covers the story of Rod MacArthur’s father’s service as a Second Officer and Chief Officer in the Merchant Navy in World War II, including Gibraltar Convoys, Atlantic Convoys, Russian Convoys and support to D-Day landings.  His father died in 1985, but in 2013 the Government belatedly issued the Arctic Star for the Russian Convoys and Rod therefore researched his father’s service in detail so he could claim that medal.  The talk therefore covers both his father’s service and how he went about researching that, which would be interesting to anyone else trying to claim a family medal.

The talk is a PowerPoint presentation, about 35 minutes long, so allowing 10 minutes for questions, say 45 minutes in total.

All Rod’s talks are given to support various charities, in this case “The Mission to Seafarers”, which both of his parents fundraised for.